This week I sat down with Rosemary and Liz of the Michigan Paranormal Alliance to talk about some of their favorite and scariest experiences doing par...View Details

This week we're chatting with Ian from the Thirteen Podcast! We talk about our spooky origins and get to sample episode one of their show. Check out p...View Details

Our favorite Medieval Irish Historian, Dr. Kenny is back to share some stories about ~*magic*~    CW: stalking, violence, menstruation    Find Dr. Ken...View Details

You thought you had seen the last of us, but we're back in business with another season! We're starting off with a shorter episode of listener tales a...View Details

We got to chat with the delightful and brilliant Dr. Gillian Kenny about the outsiders of medieval Irish history and the ways people tried to prevent ...View Details

Black Lives Matter

We're postponing our final episode. In the meantime check out some podcasts created by BIPOC including the 1619 Project by the New York Times and Mino...View Details

Episode 78: Circuses!

Cate's been pushing for this for years and it's finally here! We're talking about circuses, clowns, and when things go wrong at the greatest show on e...View Details

We return to the ancient world to talk about some famous leaders of the Mediterranean! Cate tells the story of Alexander the Great and Jen tries to ta...View Details

This week Cate chatted with comedian and ghost hunter Mike Brody! Check out Mike's comedy special, "Not Afraid of Butterflies" on the DryBar App! And ...View Details

This week we're talking about some of the most haunted hotels in the United States! Jen takes on the Stanley Hotel, the inspiration for The Shining. C...View Details

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