This week we're bringing you a socially distant grab bag of weirdness and the Catholic church. Cate talks about incorruptible bodies, and Jen goes bac...View Details

Episode 73: The Plague

We decided to be super topical and talk about plagues in the 14th and 15th centuries! Cate delves into some mass-hysteria, and Jen goes for the grandd...View Details

Episode 72: the Classics

This week we're traveling in the time machine back to ancient Greece and Rome. Cate gets wild with mythology and Jen talks about the most famous ghost...View Details

Episode 71: The Amazon

This week we're heading to the tropics (fitting, since we forgot to turn the heat on in the recording studio) to discuss some creepy tales from the Am...View Details

Folks, it's about time we got into the American Civil War. Everything about that war is haunted. Tune in!   Thank you, patrons! Find us on Details

We're returning to a favorite subject of ours: curses! This time we're taking on some of the most famous curses in history: the Kennedy family curse a...View Details

Happy New Year, Spooks! This week we got to chat with Dr. Jeanette Laredo who specializes in "all things awful."   Find Dr. Jeanette on  Twitter: @mon...View Details

It's a big one, folks! We're talking about Ed and Lorraine Warren and one of their most famous cases, the Perron Family haunting that inspired the mov...View Details

Boy, we really missed the opportunity to do Route 66 this episode, huh. No matter! This week we're on the road visiting some of our National Parks and...View Details

We've got some extra spooky listener stories for you this week. Seriously, we got chills.   Thank you to our patrons! Find us at Details

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