Boy, we really missed the opportunity to do Route 66 this episode, huh. No matter! This week we're on the road visiting some of our National Parks and...View Details

We've got some extra spooky listener stories for you this week. Seriously, we got chills.   Thank you to our patrons! Find us at Details

I can't believe it took us this long. This week we're talking about the Bard and his cursed play!   Thank you, Patreons! Find us at Details

Halloween Bonus Episode!

HAPPY SPOOKY SEASON, MFers!!! Here are some listener stories to keep you company while you don your Halloween costumes and head out into the night.  ...View Details

Episode 63: Henry Hudson

This week we're diving into the creepy history of Henry Hudson and his doomed expeditions to find the Northwest passage! Somehow it involves bowling w...View Details

It's bonfire season, so we're bringing you some "cozy" tales of people bursting into flame. Gather 'round the campfire! (but not too close)   Thank y...View Details

Load up your wagons, we're heading west! This week we're bringing you some tails from the Oregon Trail.    We started a Patreon! You can find us at ...View Details

This week we take you on a ghostly tour of Memphis with some brief spooky tales from around town. We end the evening at one of America's most haunted ...View Details

We're back from hiatus to bring you some spooky tales from Australia! Cate has a great time saying the word, "bunyip," and Jen heads straight for the ...View Details

Episode 58: Bloody Mary

Light the candles and break out the ceremonial bowl of blood, it's time to stand in front of your friend, Ashley's bathroom mirror and chant "Bloody M...View Details

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