This week we're discussing some of our favorite women from the Literary World: Sylvia Plath and Agatha Christie. Content Warning for depression, suici...View Details

This week we're exploring the spooky side of Canada and planning our post-pandemic train getaway vacation!   Thank you to our patrons! Find us at patr...View Details

We've been holding on to some of these longer listener stories for a while but the TIME HAS COME! Settle in with a blankie and some snacks while we sp...View Details

This week we're hopping on a train and heading west to seek a gold mine of ghostly encounters. Cate tackles a town so dead they named it Tombstone. Je...View Details

Episode 85: Iceland*ck

Cate is back and we're on a mental vacation to Iceland! This place has *everything* haunted houses, witches, and a very disturbing pair of pants.    T...View Details

We're reunited for our yearly Halloween listener story episode! Tune in for some thrills and chills!    Thank you to our Patreon patrons! Find us at P...View Details

This week I sat down with Rosemary and Liz of the Michigan Paranormal Alliance to talk about some of their favorite and scariest experiences doing par...View Details

This week we're chatting with Ian from the Thirteen Podcast! We talk about our spooky origins and get to sample episode one of their show. Check out p...View Details

Our favorite Medieval Irish Historian, Dr. Kenny is back to share some stories about ~*magic*~    CW: stalking, violence, menstruation    Find Dr. Ken...View Details

You thought you had seen the last of us, but we're back in business with another season! We're starting off with a shorter episode of listener tales a...View Details

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