The White House can be a spooky place even without the current occupants (BURN!). Tune in to find out which president has been sighted the most since ...View Details

It's a swap-cast podcast! Cate sat down with Amberrose and Scott from the Ghostly Talk Podcast, a show that has been recently resurrected (so is it a ...View Details

Do you enjoy screaming into the void? Do you wish you could rip a man's guts out and eat them if he looks at you funny? Settle in for some tales of ba...View Details

It's HERE! It's TIME! It's HALLOWEEN! The day we've all been waiting for! Settle in with some treats and listen to some spooky listener tales and some...View Details

Episode 44: Route 66(6)

This week we're hittin the road with some tales from Route 66! A hitch-hiking flapper, a murder hotel, and deadly bridge (content warning).    Find ...View Details

Episode 43: Vampires!

Vampires! They vant to suck your blood! We go deep into the origins of vampire lore to bring you some blood-soaked tales!   Find us online! Twitter: ...View Details

This week we're talking dolls. Haunted dolls. Whether they look like the spawn of satan or Carol from HR, turns out anything can be haunted.    Find...View Details

Season 3 BAY-BEE! We jump right in with some terrifying tales from the Revolutionary War with a *surprising* amount of body horror.    As always, yo...View Details

No really, it's an episode all about poison. Cate discusses the death that nearly brought down the Indiana KKK and Jen takes a trip to Versailles.   ...View Details

Aloha! It's summertime, so we're telling tales and legends from our favorite Pacific archipelago!    Find us online! Twitter: @Haunted_Pod Instagra...View Details

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