This is it! We read some of your lovely listener stories and reminisce about the past few years making this great lil' show. We may be bringing this s...View Details

Haunted Lighthouses

This week we're moodily looking out to sea from our respective lonely islands as we talk about haunted lighthouses!   Stay tuned for an announcement a...View Details

Timeslip on an Ægg

Mercury is in retrograde and we are slip-sliding back in time and back into nonsense! Cate has a timeslip story about Versailles, and Jen gets groovy ...View Details

Cryptic Cryptids

We are officially back on our bullsh-t with an episode about cryptids! Cate introduces us to a little-known sea serpent, Jen discusses the legend of t...View Details

We’re Baaaaaaaack

CW: COVID, hospital stays, medical issues   We're back after a long, unexpected hiatus! Cate tells the story of what happened. We'll be back to our re...View Details

This week we're delving into the archives of declassified CIA stories to find what weird treasures we can find!    Thank you to our patrons! Find us a...View Details

Happy Halloween! We're celebrating like we do every year, with a special episode of some spooktacular listener stories!! Grab your seasonally appropri...View Details

The New Zealand Fraisers

We're taking a mental trip to New Zealand this week while we discuss haunted theaters, men who had it coming, and why Jen was bullied in high school. ...View Details

Episode 100: Ahoy Mateys!

Get ready to set sail! This week we're talking about pirates! arrrrr   Thank you to our Patreon patrons! You can find us at Details

This week it's part 2 of our series on historical labor issues that turned deadly! Cate talks with Steve Lehto about the Italian Hall Disaster in Calu...View Details

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